Asuka Ryuzaki, Japan's renowned mistress of SM/Fetish scene welcomes you to "Barbara Kyoto", her salon-syle bar with the taste(fetishism, SM, bondage, Shi-ba-ri or Kin-baku, tatoo, body piercing, etc.)
This place is for interesting and exciting conversation over some drinks or to enjoy "Shi-ba-ri" or "Kin-baku" show and lecture.

Please note that there may be our staff communicating to you using tranlation app in smart phone in case of our English-speaking staff might not be available at that moment.

-This is NOT a dungeon for personal SM session.-

Charge :

For male customer : ¥ 10,000 for 1 hour and half (90 min.) stay
Additional charge will be ¥3,000 for each 30 min.extention
of your stay (=with or without drink; drink included)
For female costomer : ¥ 5,000 for all the time(=with or without drink; drink

If you want to buy drinks for our bar staff to enjoy good conversation at table,
price list is
¥ 800 for a beer,
¥ 500 for a non-alcohole drink,
¥1,000 for a cocktail.


We have "Show-time" for almost every-day basis.
The show-guest charge will be ¥1,000 for each costomer.


10% tax will be added to whole sum of charges.


Outo Shijyo bills 2F (鴨東四条ビル2階)
zip 605-0079

Open Hours

Man-Sat 8 p.m. to Last
Closed every Sanday.